We Serve Industries

Industries Serve

Our national customer base includes specialty steel mills, superalloy ingot makers and casting foundries state-wise, who in turn, make products that support the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Petrol Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Pollution Control Systems
  • Recreational Equipment

Types of scrap used in steelmaking

Heavy melting steel – Industrial or commercial scrap steel greater than 6mm thick, such as plates, beams, columns, channels; may also include scrap machinery or implements or certain metal stampings

Old car bodies – Vehicles with or without interiors and their original wheels

Cast iron – Cast iron bathtubs, machinery, pipe and engine blocks

Pressing steel – Domestic scrap metal up to approx. 6mm thick. Examples - White goods (fridges, washing machines, etc.), roofing iron, water heaters, water tanks and sheet metal offcuts

Re-inforcing bars or mesh – Used in the construction industry within concrete structures

Turnings – Remains of drilling or shaping steels. Also known as "borings" or "swarf"

Manganese steel – Non magnetic, hardened steel used in the mining industry, cement mixers, rock crushers, and other high impact and abrasive environments.

Rails – Rail or tram tracks